Private Dinner On Jagat Sagar

Under an intricately carved dome decorated with a curtain of fresh flowers and lit by candles, guests can enjoy an exquisite, on-the-lake dining experience accompanied by live traditional music. Casually floating across the Lake Pichola, the view of the umpteen palaces, guests can enjoy fine delicacies from our international menu or savour bespoke Rajasthani dishes curated by our masterchefs for the special occasion.


Live Puppet Show

In the quiet evenings, experience and enjoy the mute stories of the dancing puppets as the puppeteer, in his traditional attire, commands your attention and highlights the emotions of the story with his sharp whistles and unique tunes. The puppeteer also has his own collection of handmade puppets in different shapes and sizes which are showcased during the show and serve as excellent memorabilia.

Live Traditional Music

While you enjoy your meal, in the plush balconies of the Jhadoka restaurant or under the stars in the Rooftop Restaurant, you will experience the soothing, traditional tunes being played on the Sitar and the Tabla, which serve as the perfect accompaniment to a complete meal. The Sitar is an Indian plucked stringed instrument and the Tabla is a percussion instrument, used traditionally in Indian classical music.